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So you can call me Seattle, cause that's my nickname :) I'm a bit of a hippy with a mix of hipster. A master of badassery I am often described as being sweet and sour. The word EPIC also comes to mind? Yah be jealous :) feel free to message
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Sometimes I drink too much coffee and forget to eat food. Then I run around the unit and sweat.



The Grand Concourse in Pittsburgh, part of Flavorwire’s 10 Incredible Repurposed Train Stations.

Easter brunch here with the family :)


How I feel everytime I hop on a board and light a cigarette.


Lie to Me / Jonny Lang


"I am more confused than ever while learning a little something about being content with what is." - shawna ray

Still Rainin’, Jonny Lang, Wander This World

If you didn’t want to be a paleontologist as a kid…


You’re probably lying.